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Chris Miller

Chris Miller

I am a Fellow of the PGA giving me a great understanding of the professional game and the pressures and difficulties facing tour players at all levels.  I work with each player on an individual basis aiming to identify and remove the cause of any barriers to success.


I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and specialise in sports hypnosis, overcoming all issues a player might experience with their game. Sports hypnosis refers to the use of hypnotherapy with athletes in order to enhance sporting performance. Hypnosis in sports has therapeutic and performance-enhancing functions.

I use the latest biofeedback software working with players to help them learn  how to control their breathing and physiology.  This is crucial to controlling thoughts and emotions throughout a tournament, giving maximum control in high pressure situations.


I am a Psychometric Assessor verified to EFPA Standards (formerly BPS Level A and B) which qualifies me to use both Occupational Ability Tests and Personality Assessments. The internationally recognised BPS awarded EFPA Occupational Test User Certificates I have gained enables me to:

  • choose the right tests to meet your purpose
  • administer all categories of test
  • score all categories of test
  • interpret the results of both ability and personality measures
  • write reports suitable for all stake-holders in the testing cycle
  • feed-back results directly to the respondent for all categories of occupational tests


I am a Master NLP Practitioner.  NLP is a model of communication that focuses on identifying and using patterns of thought that influence a person’s behaviour as a means of improving the quality and effectiveness of their lives. It is a successful, proven method for accelerated human change.

Life Coaching

I am a Professional Life and Business Coach.  Coaching is a means of  helping a person achieve their hopes and dreams, and to fulfil their potential. We often find it difficult to know how to get to where we want to go.  I can help you gain clarity as to your goals. What do you truly value in life? What and who do you truly want to be? I can guide you, support you and motivate you in your journey towards meeting your goals.