Chris Miller Golf

Chris Miller Golf


Most golfers suffer from at least one of the experiences listed below during their career. I can help you harness vital mental skills so you can make the changes you need to be more successful.

Why Performance Coaching?Have you ever:-

  • Walked off the 18th in disgust after losing a tournament or match you know you should have won
  • Choked at a critical point in a tournament
  • Felt depressed because you weren’t recovering from an injury quickly enough
  • Felt a lack of desire or motivation to exercise or practice your game
  • Experienced a loss of focus in a tournament
  • Experienced feelings of anger and frustration at your performance
  • Felt an overloading of swing thoughts
  • Felt nervous, tense or fearful during a tournament
  • Played with inconsistent routines
  • Felt a lack of motivation
  • Had a mind full of jumbled and confused thoughts

If you answered yes to any of the above then contact me and start improving your game.

Sometimes thinking too much can destroy your momentum.

Tom Watson